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Several Years ago, I created a long list of Goals and Dreams. It started out like this:



I want to find out if it is possible to go down the Amazon in a banana boat, and if so, do it. (That is why my Dad tells everyone I am going to do next.) I want to hold and play with a monkey (You know, the ones that are always on TV.) I want to see the Wonders of the World. I want to learn to play chess. I want to stroll arm in arm down one of those quaint little street with all the wonderful little shops. I want to go to a farm and learn how to milk a cow, hold the little chickadees and feed a newborn calf with a bottle. I want to see the Eiffel Tower and experience the romance of Paris.

And the list went on for three pages. Would I still like to do all the things on the original list, absolutely! Today, the original list is in my office, but my priorities have changed. I have such a sense of accomplishment that I had to create a new list, a smaller list (I still want to do the items above, but why list them again):

• I want to go to Disney World Again, and Again, and Again…
• I want to go on a Helicopter Ride
• I want to take a full guided tour of Yellowstone
• I want to visit My Family at least once a year
• I want to enjoy a day with someone making Homemade Apple Pie (I’ll cut the apples)
• I want a King Size Light Oak Sleigh Bed
• I want to go Horseback Riding (not tail riding)
• I want to go on another Hot Air Balloon Ride
• I want to find the time to Organize all the pictures I have so we can enjoy them
• I want to spend a few days in New York City and go to a Broadway Show and the Zoo
• I want to visit as many Zoos as possible
• I want to own a Red Fiat
• I want to create or make something amazing that I can share with everyone

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